About Us

    The METRO FLYER DISTRIBUTOR is the premier advertising distribution service company in the Philippines since 2011. Big advertising firms know the best way to get there messages directly to customers is through Door-to Door flyer distribution. We use only trained and well supervised delivery professionals so you know your message is in good hands.


     Since the Company begun we have worked for many types of clients. From major chains to small local businesses; from mom and pops to large national marketing companies we deal with them all.

We have always taken great pride in our work and our customer return is over 90% so you can see why we stay so excited.

     We commit to you and your business that our Flyer Distribution Service is 1st Class... Should you need advice or help in your campaigns progress, our experience and skill is freely available to assist where necessary. That maybe simply answering your queries or apprehensions or giving you tips and secrets to maximise the success of your project.

From the day our company started we have constantly striven for repeat business. To achieve this objective we remain a reliable and cheap door to door flyer delivery service to small and large businesses. Yet at the same time we can market your brand name to a very targeted neighbourhood, age group or postcode.

     Our service extends to the distribution of samples, magazines, newspapers, for any company  delivered weekly.

     Therefore don’t delay contact our friendly staff today for a free no obligation quote and get your business recognised. We are proud to say that this is Flyer Distribution as its finest...

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